IBN Services Employees

80% Aboriginal Employment

50% Traditional Owner Employment

IBN Services core business is the only Indigenous owned and operated native plant nursery and Pest (plant) Management services in the Pilbara

IBN Services have continued to deliver Landscape Maintenance Services to IBN vacant properties and the IBN office external areas at Brand Street.

IBN Services have assisted IBN with scheduled venues such as the NAIDOC Day by having a team of workers to assist with the grounds work and any other IBN scheduled venues in 2021.

IBN held a Graduation Ceremony at IBN Services for the employees that completed their Horticulture qualifications. Employees that graduated: Jeffrey Dhu, Claudia McDonald, Jordan
Injie and Noel Aubrey.

IBN Services will continue with recruitment for IBN Members and local Aboriginal people in employment and training people in skill sets required for projects or contract-based works.

Nursery Accreditation

IBN Services will be in discussions with a consultant. It is important for IBN Services to receive accreditation because it will allow us to propagate rare flora species. Most industries prefer to use plant suppliers that have full nursery accreditation, we are currently registered with the W.A. Department of Health; W.A. Nursery Industry and the National Nursery Industry.

Moving forward, IBN Services will continue their services to the broader community and industry.