About IBN Services

IBN Services is a trading entity of IBN Corporation, with a registered business name and ABN.

IBN Services provides job preparation and training opportunities for Aboriginal people in the Pilbara. IBN Services is a major part of IBN’s broader strategy, delivering on social outcomes and realising the parallel objective of financial sustainability through commercial enterprise.

We offer employment and skills in horticulture and general maintenance services through the Pilbara’s only Indigenous owned and operated native plant nursery. Our crew are provided with structured training and practical skills as well as enrolment in nationally recognised qualifications, licences and workplace tickets.

IBN Services also offers residential and commercial landscaping, reticulation services, garden maintenance, refurbishment works and supply plants and Pilbara native seed to a range of commercial clients across the Pilbara.

For commercial and residential enquires please contact Evelyn Kroczek, Manager on (08) 9140 4075 or ekroczek@ibnservices.net.au




who's who at IBN

Jaymie Punter

Works Team Supervisor

Jeffery Dhu
General Leading Hand
Ross Lockyer
Bernard Fischer
Team Leader
Evelyn Kroczek
Evelyn Kroczek